Tatratrucks.com - http://www.tatratrucks.com// en Tatra Trucks company won the prestigious Red Dot award for the design of the latest generation of Tatra Force model line <p>A few days ago, Tatra Trucks company achieved another great success. For the first time in its history, it won the Red Dot award in the Product Design category, even twice. Tatra Force vehicles of the latest third generation were decorated with this award, which is one of the most prestigious internationally in the field of design, while a version with a four-door cab was presented, as well as a version of the development line known as e-Drive with an electric traction motor and hydrogen fuel cells.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-company-won-the-prestigious-red-dot-award-for-the-design-of-the-latest-generation-of-tatra-force-model-line-2/ Tatra now offers oils and lubricants under its own brand <p>For decades, Tatra Trucks has been supplying customers in many markets with trucks for a variety of purposes, operating on the road and in difficult terrain in all weather conditions. Tatra trucks need adequate care and service facilities for their demanding service, so the Tatra will now also distribute its own oils and lubricants.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-now-offers-oils-and-lubricants-under-its-own-brand-1/ Tatra Trucks company has increased production again in 2023 and prepares further innovations <p>Last year, the Tatra Trucks company, which is owned by shareholders from Czechoslovak Group and Promet Group, produced and sold 1,451 vehicles, fulfilled its plans and fulfilled its commitments to partners and customers. Last year the company also presented several new technological projects that will significantly affect its future, this year it will present other innovations in its production.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-company-has-increased-production-again-in-2023-and-prepares-further-innovations-2/ Companies of the CSG group and Tatra Trucks will exhibit at the World Defense Show 2024 <p>The World Defense Show 2024, an exhibition of security and defense technologies, will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from February 4 to 8. Although it is only in its second edition, the World Defense Show (WDS) has already managed to rank among the most important events in the field worldwide, and at the same time it opens exhibition season. In Riyadh, none of the world leaders of the defense industry will be absent, and companies belonging to the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) will be among the exhibitors.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/companies-of-the-csg-group-and-tatra-trucks-will-exhibit-at-the-world-defense-show-2024-1/ Tatra trucks go to traditional long-distance vehicles competitions in Saudi Arabia and Africa <p>The famous Dakar Rally will mark the start of its 46th edition in early 2024. This will take place specifically on 5 January in the city of Al-Ula, and the competition will conclude a fortnight later in Yanbu. Riders will be treated to 60 percent new routes and other innovations in Saudi Arabia. Of course, the crews of the Tatra Buggyra Racing team or other Tatra vehicles will not be absent among the competitors. At the beginning of the new year, the Africa Eco Race will also start, and Tomáš Tomeček will once again be taking his Tatra to its stages.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-go-to-traditional-long-distance-vehicles-competitions-in-saudi-arabia-and-africa-2/ Tatra Trucks will present a special Tatra Phoenix tractor for agriculture at the Agritechnica 2023 trade fair <p>From November 12 to 18, the traditional Agritechnica trade fair will be held in Hannover, Germany. It is one of the largest exhibition events in the field of agricultural technology and machinery in the world. The oldest and largest Czech manufacturer of trucks, Tatra Trucks, will be participating in the fair several times, presenting a new special agricultural tractor of the Tatra Phoenix model line.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-will-present-a-special-tatra-phoenix-tractor-for-agriculture-at-the-agritechnica-2023-trade-fair-1/ The Tatra Force e-Drive was presented in Ostrava for the world premiere with hydrogen fuel cells <p>On Monday 23 October, the third-generation Tatra Force chassis-based car with a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system made its world premiere at the H2 Forum 2023 conference. The vehicle is being developed by a five-member consortium led by ÚJV Řež. Other partners in the project are Tatra Trucks, Devinn, the University of Chemical Technology in Prague and the Research Centre Řež of the UJV Group. The project is supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR) in the Trend programme.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/the-tatra-force-e-drive-was-presented-in-ostrava-for-the-world-premiere-with-hydrogen-fuel-cells-1/ Legislation will end the use of manual gearboxes in Tatra Phoenix vehicles <p>Modern trucks, like passenger cars, will in future be subject to new rules designed to contribute to greater operational safety, but also to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. One of these is the General Safety Regulation (GSR), which will come into force for all newly registered trucks from 1 July 2024. Tatra Trucks must also adapt to these trends and rules.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/legislation-will-end-the-use-of-manual-gearboxes-in-tatra-phoenix-vehicles-1/ Tatra Trucks and partners develop and test new Tatra Force with automated steering system <p>In addition to the development and production of standard truck model lines, Tatra Trucks also develops alternative drives and other modern technologies for vehicles. It is therefore also involved with its partners in research in the field of automated vehicle control and the development of the necessary software.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-and-partners-develop-and-test-new-tatra-force-with-automated-steering-system/ Czechoslovak Group holding companies will present military vehicles and radar systems at the NATO Days in Ostrava <p>Days of NATO and the Air Force of the Army of the Czech Republic are one of the largest events of their kind in Europe. It is a very interesting opportunity to present to the Czech public and experts the technology and activities of the Army of the Czech Republic, as well as the capabilities of the Czech defense industry. Among its most important representatives are companies belonging to the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) industrial and technological holding as well as the Tatra Trucks automotive manufacturer, which have been supporting NATO Days and similar presentation events for many years and presenting their products.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/czechoslovak-group-holding-companies-will-present-military-vehicles-and-radar-systems-at-the-nato-days-in-ostrava/ MSPO 2023 - Companies of the Czechoslovak Group holding and Tatra Trucks will participate in the largest defence fair in Central Europe <p>Every year at the beginning of September, manufacturers of defence and security equipment from all over the world present themselves in the Polish city of Kielce, where the MSPO trade fair is held regularly. The fair ranks among the largest of its kind in the whole of Europe, and no important producer can be absent from it. Companies of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) holding, and Tatra Trucks have also exhibited at MSPO for many years. During this year's 31st edition, which will take place from 5 to 8 September, in addition to Tatra, there will also be Tatra Defence Vehicle, Excalibur Army, Retia, Česká letecká servisní, MSM Group and Excalibur International. The companies will present their products and services in Hall D at joint stand No. 75 and also on outdoor exhibition areas.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/mspo-2023-companies-of-the-czechoslovak-group-holding-and-tatra-trucks-will-participate-in-the-largest-defence-fair-in-central-europe-1/ TATRA introduced a new generation of the Tatra Force model series <p>On 24 May, the Brno Exhibition Centre hosted the unveiling of the new generation of Tatra Force cars as part of the PYROS 2023 trade fair. Tatra Trucks presented the new trucks in a world premiere in the firefighting version, but will of course also offer them in variants for other segments. The new generation will expand the range of versions compared to the current generation of the Force series, replacing the Terra model line in Tatra's production portfolio.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/koprivnice-tatra-introduced-a-new-generation-of-the-tatra-force-model-series-1/ The Tatra Trucks company rose like a Phoenix from the ashes ten years ago <p>Tatra, one of the most famous Czech industrial brands and a manufacturer of heavy trucks with a unique chassis concept, is celebrating 10 years since its Czech owners took over and breathed new life into it. On April 20, 2013, the Office for the Protection of Economic Competition confirmed the transaction in which the Czech business families Strnad and Matera took control of Tatra.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/the-tatra-trucks-company-rose-like-a-phoenix-from-the-ashes-ten-years-ago/ IDEX 2023 in Abu Dhabi is coming, CSG companies will not be absent <p>From February 20 to 24, the United Arab Emirates will host IDEX 2023, one of the world's largest defence technology and engineering exhibitions. Traditionally, companies belonging to the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) holding and Tatra Trucks will not be missing among the exhibitors.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/idex-2023-in-abu-dhabi-is-coming-csg-companies-will-not-be-absent/ Tatra Trucks produced more vehicles in 2022 than the year before and achieved higher sales than planned <p>The TATRA TRUCKS truckmaker succeeded in 2022, which was reflected in the number of 1,326 vehicles produced and sold and exceeding the expected sales. Last year, the TATRA TRUCKS also continued to fulfill key contracts and started a development of new generations of core model lines and alternative propulsion systems. These processes will have a fundamental impact on its production in the following years.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-produced-more-vehicles-in-2022-than-the-year-before-and-achieved-higher-sales-than-planned/ Tatra Trucks was visited by representatives of the Committee of Permanent Representatives of Member States in the Council of the European Union <p>On Friday, July 8, the representatives of Tatra Trucks company welcomed an important visit, members of COREPER – the Committee of Permanent Representatives of Member States in the Council of the European Union. These ambassadors of the European Union countries spent three days in the Moravian-Silesian region last week and, as part of their visit to the region, they also visited the Tatra Trucks factory.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-was-visited-by-representatives-of-the-committee-of-permanent-representatives-of-member-states-in-the-council-of-the-european-union/ The US Army received the first Tatra Phoenix trucks for military training area service in Germany <p>Tatra Trucks, based in the town of Kopřivnice, supplies its vehicles to many armies around the world on various continents. Last year, it got its first major contracts from NATO armies in Western Europe. The Tatra trucks will soon serve the US Army in its Grafenwöhr training area in Germany.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/the-us-army-received-the-first-tatra-phoenix-trucks-for-military-training-area-service-in-germany/ Tatra Trucks exceeded the plan for last year and sold 1,277 vehicles <p>In 2021, Kopřivnice-based Tatra Trucks sold more vehicles than planned and fulfilled its commitments to partners. It delivered a total of 1,277 vehicles to customers, won major military contracts in NATO countries, launched the development of a hydrogen-powered vehicle, and celebrated ten years of production of the Tatra Phoenix model line.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-exceeded-the-plan-for-last-year-and-sold-1-277-vehicles/ The new longest TATRA truck ever built serves in steelworks <p>The new vehicle for the transport of threaded rods over 24 meters long is in trial operation since October in the Liberty Ostrava company, the steelworks that is part of the multinational GFG Alliance group. The truck is unique, because it is the longest TATRA vehicle in the more than 170 years long history of the TATRA TRUCKS company. Special modifications of the TATRA chassis were carried out according to its own technical design by the Partner Ipex company from town of Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, which is also a traditional dealer of TATRA vehicles.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/the-new-longest-tatra-truck-ever-built-serves-in-steelworks-1/ DAF receives large order from Belgian Armed Forces, TATRA TRUCKS will participate <p>DAF has received a large order from the Belgian Armed Forces. The order comprises delivery and service of 879 all-wheel-drive CF Military trucks. Delivery of the first vehicles is planned for 2022 with the last vehicles to be produced in 2025.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/daf-receives-large-order-from-belgian-armed-forces/