Tatratrucks.com - http://www.tatratrucks.com// en The new generation <p>The latest generation of the highly successful TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 truck will be launched in April this year. Made by the oldest Czech automotive producer (and today the only Czech-owned producer of motor vehicles), the 2018 model will offer customers even more effective solutions for their transportation needs.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/the-new-generation/ Tatra receives cheque to restore unique historic train <p>On Monday 19 February, the Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová visited the Moravian-Silesian Region – and one of the stops on her itinerary was TATRA TRUCKS in Kopřivnice. The Minister met with representatives of the company, which has received EU funding to reconstruct and restore the unique historic 'Slovak Bullet' locomotive.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-receives-cheque-to-restore-unique-historic-train-1/ Hans Ledwinka <p>Hans Ledwinka – the inventor of the world-renowned Tatra concept – was born 140 years ago. He was responsible for numerous patents and model designs, and today's TATRA vehicles are still based on his pioneering chassis concept.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/hans-ledwinka-1/ TATRA TRUCKS will help restore the legendary ‘Slovak Bullet’ locomotive <p>In mid-January 2018 TATRA TRUCKS received the news that its funding application for a project to restore the legendary Tatra-built 'Slovak Bullet' diesel locomotive has been approved. The company will use the funding (almost 80 million CZK) to completely repair and revitalize this legendary piece of technical history and to create a special exhibition space for it.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-will-help-restore-the-legendary-slovak-bullet-locomotive-1/ TATRA TRUCKS buys back customers’ older vehicles in part-exchange for new ones <p>Four months ago, TATRA TRUCKS launched a new scheme for owners of older TATRA vehicles in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company buys back customers' existing Tatra trucks and offers special discounted part-exchange deals on new trucks. No other producer of goods/utility vehicles in either country offers this type of part-exchange buyback scheme.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-buys-back-customers-older-vehicles-in-part-exchange-for-new-ones-2/ TATRA TRUCKS will be newly produced in Azerbaijan <p>TATRA trucks will be produced in Azerbaijan. TATRA TRUCKS and Azerbaijani GANJA AUTOMOBILE PLANT have agreed on the terms and conditions of the joint project. The project, which was mediated with help of the Euro-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, will be launched in 2018 when the first pieces of vehicles should be assembled in Azerbaijan.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-will-be-newly-produced-in-azerbaijan-1/ TATRA TRUCKS won the prestigious award Traditional Czech Brand 2017 <p>On November 22nd, a gala evening was held in Prague in the historic and representative premises of the Prague Mayors' Residence on the occasion of the announcement of the results of the Czech Brand project. TATRA TRUCKS was ranked first in the Traditional Czech Brand category.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-won-the-prestigious-award-traditional-czech-brand-1/ TATRA TRUCKS will introduce a special TATRA PHOENIX vehicle at Agritechnica 2017 <p>In mid-November, the traditional Agritechnica trade fair will take place in Hannover, Germany. It is one of the largest exhibition events in the field of agricultural technology and machinery in the world. This year, TATRA TRUCKS will also be represented at the fair.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-will-introduce-a-special-tatra-phoenix-vehicle-at-agritechnica-1/ TATRA TRUCKS launches a project to buy older TATRA vehicles <p>TATRA TRUCKS has begun offering owners of older TATRA trucks their purchase coupled with interesting conditions for buying a new truck. This unique project of the Kopřivnice truck manufacturer will only concern the Czech and Slovak markets.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-launches-a-project-to-buy-older-tatra-vehicles-1/ TATRA TRUCKS offers interesting bonuses for the TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 PRÄSIDENT <p>In the very long history of TATRA TRUCKS, this year is an exceptional by one special anniversary. 120 years have passed since the start of the production of the first car with a combustion engine in Kopřivnice, the legendary type NW Präsident.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-offers-interesting-bonuses-for-the-tatra-phoenix-euro-6-prasident-1/ Denmark to purchase CAESAR howitzers on the Tatra chassis <p>The tender for new howitzers for the Danish army was awarded to the French company Nexter Systems for the CAESAR 8x8 on the Tatra chassis. Deliveries are to be made by the end of this decade. This is the first project where the Tatra chassis has been projected as a new weapons platform for a Western member of NATO.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/denmark-to-purchase-caesar-howitzers-on-the-tatra-chassis/ Martin Šustek is to lead Sales and Marketing for Tatra, who also becomes a new member of the Board of Directors <p>The position of Chief Commercial Officer in TATRA TRUCKS with responsibility for the sales, marketing and aftersales service strategy and management is now occupied by the former Purchasing director Martin Šustek, who also becomes a member of the Board of Directors.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/martin-sustek-is-to-lead-sales-and-marketing-for-tatra-who-also-becomes-a-new-member-of-the-board-of-directors/ The CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding and TATRA TRUCKS truck maker will attend the IDEX 2017 defense exhibition <p>Between 19 and 23 February 2017, one of the largest fairs of defense technologies and equipment will be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding and TATRA TRUCKS truck maker will be among the exhibitors.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/the-czechoslovak-group-holding-and-tatra-trucks-truck-maker-will-attend-the-idex-2017-defense-exhibition/ FORCE armoured cab <p>A completely new armoured cab designed for special vehicle models was put into production together with introducing FORCE modernized cabs in the so-called soft design. The armoured cabs are installed on the vehicles directly in the Kopřivnice factory, sharing interior elements with the “soft version”.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/force-armoured-cab/ Radek Strouhal named new CEO of TATRA TRUCKS <p>On 1st February 2017 former CFO Radek Strouhal will become CEO of TATRA TRUCKS after more than three successful years at the head of the truck maker's financial department.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/radek-strouhal-named-new-ceo-of-tatra-trucks/ The one thousandth TATRA PHOENIX produced <p>The TATRA PHOENIX rage of heavy trucks experienced a number of major events in just the past year. One of them was achieving the milestone of one thousand units produced.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/the-one-thousandth-tatra-phoenix-produced/ TATRA racing trucks are at the finish <p>The thirty-ninth anniversary of the toughest competition in the world, 2017 Dakar, is a thing of the past. The marathon desert rally through three countries of Northwest Africa has finished its ninth run in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-racing-trucks-are-at-the-finish/ TATRA TRUCKS produced 1,326 vehicles in 2016 Production has grown by 56 percent year-on-year <p>In 2016, the TATRA TRUCKS truckmaker produced a total of 1,326 vehicles, with all manufactured vehicles already sold. As a result, it's the first time since 2008 that Tatra exceeded the symbolic production milestone of 1,000 vehicles and managed to increase production by more than 50 percent on a year-on-year basis.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/tatra-trucks-produced-1-326-vehicles-in-2016-production-has-grown-by-56-percent-year-on-year/ DAKAR 2017 has started! <p>The thirty-ninth year of the world's most prestigious competition, 2017 Dakar Rally, kicked off in Asuncion, Paraguay. Three racing rally trucks will represent our TATRA brand in the rally. The TATRA Buggyra Racing Team set off for the track of the South-American Dakar with two special TATRA PHOENIX racing trucks and support of three vehicles of the same range, including truck variants with the Euro VI engine.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/dakar-2017-has-started/ Africa Eco Race 2017 – started! <p>The ninth year of the Euro-African competition in the footsteps and style of the founder of the famous Dakar, Thierry Sabine, has "launched" racers into real timed stages. The traditional TATRA trump card in the African-fire is Ing. Tomas Tomeček, a triple winner of AER. This year, however, there's another racing TATRA truck appearing on the competition tracks.</p> http://www.tatratrucks.com/about-the-company/press-and-media/news/africa-eco-race-2017-started/