• Independent suspension allows the trailer to meet/exceed the performance of the truck
  • High mobility and payload in heavy terrain
  • Modular and configurable design
  • Ride height control enabled
  • Payload 13,000kg with a payload to weight ratio of 3:1

TATRA axles with swinging half-axles, non-driven. Drum brakes with Perrot expanders, ABS. Brake system homologated pursuant to EHK-13-12. 16.00 R20 tyres.


Air bellows with internally mounted coil springs. Torsion stabilizers.

Total weight

18,000 kg

Curb weight 5,000 kg
Payload (min.) 13,000 kg
Optional equipment Central Tire Inflation System, manual • central Tire Inflation System, automatic • run-flat systém • expandable safety inserts (beadlocks) • 14.00 R20 or 385/65 R22.5 tyres • spare wheel holder • heightriser • tool boxes • disc brakes • total weight 20 tons • upper subframe design.
Description The FAST-II Modular Trailer System is a tandem axle trailer with the TATRA rigid support structure with a central tube with independent half-axle air suspension. Its advantages include high mobility in heavy terrain, unrestricting ride speed, high torsional and bending stiffness, and low vibration transfer to the carried superstructure and its equipment. The air suspension ensures constant trailer height regardless of the load.

The basic trailer is designed with an upper subframe to mount standard ISO 1C containers and flat racks with ISO 1C spacers and a total of four supporting, mechanically operated folding legs at the rear. The trailer is equipped with an adjustable hitch to couple behind a towing vehicle.

The trailer can be adapted to fit a box-type superstructure, tilting body or retrofitted with corner fasteners for ISO 1D containers or other atypical spacing as required by the customer.

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