How to order spare parts

To correctly identify the spare part you are ordering, please collect the following data; carefully read the introduction of the respective catalogue. Identifying the part correctly will help ensure that you remain satisfied with our services and the TATRA brand.

When ordering spare parts, always specify:

  • the exact address of the company or person ordering the parts (name, surname, address, postal and railway station, phone number, fax, business ID No., tax ID No., bank details, account number),
  • the VIN code specified in the vehicle’s registration book and/or the chassis identification number (stamped on the front load-carrying tube on the right side of the vehicle or in the type plate – for a COE cab, after lifting up the front cover on the right hand side in the direction of travel; for a bonneted cab, after lifting up the bonnet on the left hand side in the direction of travel),
  • unit number (given on the type sheet),
  • catalogue table number,
  • position number in the catalogue table,
  • spare part order number,
  • spare part name,
  • quantity of spare parts ordered,
    respectively the length and diameter for PA–tubes and joining material,
  • spare part catalogue number and the year it was published,
  • select the manner of packaging and transportation

The correctness of the spare part depends on agreement between the unit group number from the catalogue and the unit group number from the vehicle type sheet.


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Head of Spare Parts Sales Department:

Ing. Ondřej Dvořák
tel.: +420 556 493 492