With TATRA, you don’t need to follow a path.
You can create your own.

TATRA takes you farther.

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With its unrivalled payload capacity and mobility TATRA takes you farther than you thought is possible, whether over the most extreme terrain or on the road. It is your reliable partner in any environment and climate.

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TATRA can always be relied on to get the job done! The backbone tube offers superior protection to the drivetrain and superstructures and leads to significantly extended lifetimes. Operating costs are lower.

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Driving a Tatra is comfortable. Its spacious cabin interior, comfort and especially safety features guarantee truly efficient working conditions for your drivers.

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TATRA has produced vehicles since 1850 and trucks since 1898. The TATRA chassis concept has been perfected over nearly ninety years and been proven in both business and military operations around the globe.

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    TATRA TRUCKS as a new owner of TATRA automotive company based in Koprivnice, will be presented for the first time at one of the most important defense exhibitions in the world – IDEX in Abu Dhabi. The relation with the Middle East countries is very important for this famous Czech automotive company and IDEX is a traditional place where the news about company's products are presented to customers.

    Published: 22 February, 2015

  • TATRA BUGGYRA Racing won the seventh place at the Dakar Rallye

    TATRA BUGGYRA Racing won the seventh place at the Dakar Rallye

    The TATRA BUGGYRA Racing team with their special Tatra 815 Buggyra racing truck won the 7th place in Dakar Rallye, the toughest world's motor race. Although originally aimed with higher expectations in the South American continent, the team piloted by Martin Kolomý is happy with the end result.

    Published: 26 January, 2015

  • Preliminary results of TATRA TRUCKS for 2014

    Preliminary results of TATRA TRUCKS for 2014

    The Kopřivnice truck factory, now with the Czech owners, is undergoing successful restructuring and becoming a profitable company with prospects for long-term prosperity. This is proved by production and sales data and the preliminary results for 2014 in particular.

    Published: 26 January, 2015