TATRA trucks

Customer segment catalog

  • Defence


    Eighty years of cooperation with military institutions and armed forces ensure that TATRA defense vehicles conform to all current and forthcoming standards.

  • Construction


    The variety of axle combinations, many superstructures and excellent chassis characteristics make TATRA the ideal partner for builders.

  • Mining


    One-way dump trucks are built on the modular chassis design according to your needs, local conditions and specifications.

  • Forestry


    Our forestry trucks for hauling long and short logs can operate on the most difficult terrain but can also be used in mixed operation on paved roads.

  • Oil and gas

    Oil and gas

    Select from special-purpose superstructures built on a modular chassis design, available from 4x4 to 10x10 or even the special 12x12!

  • Utilities


    Universal or specialized utility and municipal superstructures with two, three or four axles and optional front-axle drive.

  • Firefighting


    TATRA manufactures firefighting and rescue vehicles by reconstructing particular models of the TERRN°1 civilian range and of the T 815-7 special standardized range.

Product catalog



    An absolute novelty of our company. The new truck, developed in cooperation with the DAF truck manufacturer, will get you further.



    A standardized range of special vehicles complying with all requirements from special military and firefighting forces.



    An all-wheel drive medium-duty off-road truck available in the 6x6 version with a ladder frame and the unique TATRA-Rigid portal axles.

  • Build your own TATRA

    Build your own TATRA

    Built your own TATRA truck exactly according to your wishes, type of operation and business. It’s easy. Just answer five simple questions.

Trucks available immediately

Trucks available immediately

TATRA vehicle design

TATRA vehicle design

TATRA offers a unique chassis design which originated in the 1920s and has not yet been rivaled. The main principle is the use of a central load-carrying tube and axles with independently suspended swinging half-axles bolted together into a single unit.