TATRA Testing Grounds

TATRA Zkušební areál a centrum

  • The most extensive test centre in Central Europe.
  • Intended for TATRA TRUCKS a.s. and commercial partners.
  • The Test Centre includes the TATRA polygon, specialized workplaces and laboratories.
  • The polygon consists of a set of special sections and roads.

TATRA customers want not only excellent driving characteristics and technical specifications, but also that vehicles meet demanding lifetime and reliability criteria.

The systematic approach here includes the acceleration of lifetime and reliability tests of individual parts, units and entire trucks. The TATRA Test Centre therefore contains a unique set of test sections and tracks. The TATRA test polygon is the only one of such scope in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

The TATRA testing grounds are also available to commercial partners.

For more information about the possibilities for the commercial use of the TATRA Test Centre, please contact: polygon@tatra.cz.

TATRA Test Polygon - characteristics

The TATRA Test Centre mainly focuses on testing trucks and special vehicles.  The test tracks have been used by numerous institutions, institutes and other car manufacturers with excellent results.

This unique complex offers perfect conditions for function testing vehicles of all types, presenting them to customers or performing comparative tests. The centre offers external customers a whole range of services focusing on the verification of lifetime and reliability of products or their individual parts.

The team of qualified workers with long-term experience guarantees the high professional standards here. ISO 9001 standards, unconditional customer data protection and confidentiality are matters of course in our work.

The TATRA Test Polygon offers the following sections, tracks and roads:

  • Speed circuit,
  • Terrain circuit,
  • Slope circuit,
  • Tipper truck circuit.

Special roads:

  • Paved road,
  • Lydian stone road,
  • Belgian paving,
  • Bending road,
  • Torsion road,
  • Panel road,
  • Asphalt-concrete road,
  • Block pavement road,
  • Sinus resonance road.

Purpose-built roads:

  • Measuring circuit area,
  • Lateral stability test road,
  • Shallow water fording,
  • Road with a slope of 16%, 17%, 22%, 30%, 45% and 65%,
  • Muddy fording,
  • Water fording,
  • Sand section,
  • Perpendicular gradients,
  • Channel,
  • Scratcher road,
  • Adhesion roads - sandy section, beam section, stone section, gravel section,
  • Road circuits – three different sections.

The test sections and testing of parts and whole vehicles also include the following workplaces:

  • Part strength testing room,
  • Engine testing room,
  • Unit testing room,
  • Noise and vibration research laboratories,
  • Chemical laboratory.