Manual or automated

9 November, 2011

The TATRA PHOENIX model range trucks are optionally available in the 16-speed either manual or automated transmission version.

While the manual control is good especially as the driver can select the speed himself, which means that he has a greater freedom of changing the gears as he likes, the automated transmission removes this possibility from him. It assumes responsibility for selecting the gear enabling the driver to better concentrate on driving.

Both transmission control alternatives have their die-hard fans. The automated system will be appreciated by drivers who very often need to change gears, drive off, stop, back and then pull away the vehicle again.  Moreover, our designers together with transmission makers have developed unique software for automated gear-shifting for driving off roads, the so-called "off-road mode".

When you talk of TATRA trucks, it is necessary to understand the word "off-road" completely differently than with products of other brands, the automated transmission in this type of operation means a great benefit in terms of efficiency, comfort as well as safety of the drive.

Unlike the automatic transmission, the automated one uses a standard clutch. More or less, the whole subassembly is based on a standard gearbox which has automated, or a robotized gearing system.