Reaching New Heights with TATRA PHOENIX

4 August, 2011

TATRA, a.s. officially presents its new commercial truck product line - TATRA PHOENIX.

KOPŘIVNICE (August 8, 2011) – The TATRA PHOENIX marks a new beginning for the company and brings about a significant shift in the competitive playing field of the heavy duty off-road commercial truck segment. With the new vehicle begins another chapter in the globally successful TATRA story.

Thanks to the cooperation with prominent truck manufacturer DAF and the PACCAR group, we are entering an era of the most fundamental globalization of our products and services. For our partners and customers, TATRA PHOENIX provides proof that a new line of commercial vehicles offering ultimate driving capabilities, high productivity and operational efficiency, driver comfort, and a long lifespan was finally born.

The modernized unique TATRA chassis with new transfer case and pneumatic suspension of all axles, completed with a DAF CF 85 cab (short or sleeper), PACCAR MX engine with 265–375 kW output and ZF Ecosplit transmission (manual or AS-Tronic-automatic), signals the indisputable dawn of a new era for TATRA, its commercial customers, business partners and supporters.

The TATRA PHOENIX maintains the tradition of all-wheel drive with the possibility to engage or disengage the front-wheel drive at any time while driving. Vehicles are available in standard configuration 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and now also 8x6. The vehicle can be operated in the most difficult terrain without problems and now is also better adapted to the mixed-terrain operations.

The proven TATRA vehicle chassis concept offers a central backbone tube and a welded frame connected to it by crosspieces, forming an extremely rigid load-bearing system for the vehicle. The high rigidity of the load-bearing structure positively influences the driving properties and lifespan of the superstructures.

This world-reknowned TATRA concept chassis works without a welded sub-frame, which means that it many cases it is possible to attach a body directly to the central tube using crosspieces instead of a weighty frame as is used by competitors. The payload, especially of tippers, is thereby increased and the vehicles thus become more efficient. A similar solution is impossible using the classical vehicle concept with a ladder frame. The rigid load-bearing chassis structure combined with independently suspended swing half-axles allow higher driving speeds in rough terrain while also maintaining high driving comfort as compared to standard concept vehicles. This is also achieved thanks to TATRA PHOENIX’s air suspension of the complete vehicle, the patented TATRA King Frame solution of the rear axles, and the modernized steering system.

Proof of the vehicle’s sturdiness and reliability is the 36-month (or 300,000 kilometers) warranty period for the truck’s powertrain – currently the leading standard warranty in this truck segment.

As of today, information for the general public is available at