New TATRA Agricultural Tractor at Země Živitelka 2013 Trade Fair

21 May, 2013

TATRA TRUCKS a.s., in cooperation with its dealer PARMA servis s.r.o., is exhibiting its latest product at the Země Živitelka 2013 trade fair, which is being held in České Budějovice from 29 August to 3 September 2013. This product is a 6x6 TATRA PHOENIX agricultural tractor and the Kopřivnice-based truck company has developed it in cooperation with Rolnická společnost Lesonice a.s. as a customer project.

Three prototypes with unique TATRA concept chassis have been approved for operation on streets and roads as agricultural tractors within “individual proceedings” and are being tested by Rolnická společnost Lesonice in real operation.

Great off-road mobility of TATRA trucks makes them ideal for application on the toughest terrains. There is no doubt that agriculture, where TATRA trucks have successfully been used as chassis-cabs, for example for manure spreaders, sewage tankers, big-volume dump bodies, etc. for a number of years, is also an area with tough conditions.

The central load-carrying tube protecting all components of the powertrain, together with independently air-suspended swinging half-axles, which make the TATRA trucks an off-road champion, not only guarantee a quality and comfortable drive for drivers, but also carefully and safely carry superstructures as well as transported material. The 6x6 TATRA PHOENIX agricultural tractor is efficient where it is necessary to quickly transport agricultural products for longer distances on roads where, from an economical point of view, it is costly to use more powerful agricultural tractors.

Lower operating costs of this TATRA agricultural tractor are also achieved by using an economical, but powerful 12.9l EURO V PACCAR MX engine supplied in three power versions in combination with manual 16-speed ZF transmission, 16-speed automated ZF AS-Tronic transmission or 6-speed automatic Allison transmission.

The 6x6 TATRA PHOENIX agricultural tractor on display is equipped with a two-speed TATRA transfer case, which improves the economy of transportation on roads.

In off-road conditions, the 6x6 TATRA PHOENIX agricultural truck achieves higher speeds in comparison with vehicles with rigid axles. As a result, you will be able to achieve more transportation cycles and your profit will increase. The distribution of the trailer weight on the rear axles of the 6x6 vehicle, compared to a 4x4, increases the capacity, making the productivity of the transport more efficient. Moreover, the third steerable axle (optional feature) reduces the wall-to-wall diameter; in addition, if combined with a trailer equipped with steerable axles, better maneuverability is achieved. Also, unnecessary skidding is reduced, which decreases tire wear and avoids pounding of the soil.

Finally, the three-axle agricultural tractor made by the Kopřivnice-based TATRA TRUCKS is equipped with wide, low-pressure, agricultural tractor tires which are friendly to the most valuable asset which the farmers use to make their living – the soil.

The direction, in which the Kopřivnice truck company has set off after it changed ownership, is an interesting sign of further development and effort to reconquer the company’s former position on the truck and special vehicle market. It is good news for both drivers and company owners: TATRA tippers, log trucks, truck-mounted excavators, cement mixers and other vehicle types are here and ready to improve their working conditions, and, as a result of economical operation, increase their profits.