26 March, 2011

Customer Orientation of TATRA, world premiere of T 810.

  • Customer Orientation of TATRA
  • World premiere of T 810
  • New Competitive Products

Kopřivnice/Brno: Regular innovation processes taking place in the spheres of manufacturing and services drive a continuous development of TATRA, a.s. This continuous development is evident in the new products and customer-oriented services such as TATRA Service PlusTM, Extended standard warranty and TATRA Road Show. These new products and services are now marked with a slogan
THE NEW TATRA to indicate that they reflect company’s customer-centric philosophy and to adhere to a new Corporate Identity, which was developed in the same vein.

New Services For Customers

A new optional service for customers is called TATRA Service PlusTM. The premium service for key customers includes exclusive care in vehicle servicing, repair coordination directly by the manufacturer, option to use the toll-free customers service line and in certain circumstances compensation for vehicle down-time.

Another step in addressing customer needs is the new standard Extended warranty that is unparalleled in the heavy-duty off-road segment. Warranty conditions include: duration of 36 months for all types of TATRA vehicles, mileage of up to 300,000 km, 12 months of full warranty on all components, and 36-month warranty on vehicle powertrain.

World Premiere

The T 810 is a brand new commercial range based on a highly successful customized project of a military vehicle. No other vehicle of the medium-duty category weighing 15.5 t can offer three driving axles. This gives the T 810 exceptional handling and riding characteristics both on and off road. The portal axle design with hub reduction gear and a custom-designed solution for the axle  differentials provides unmatched ground clearance of 480 mm under the axle housing. Thanks to its extraordinary capability in cross-axle twisting of up to 840 mm and excellent traction in all driving conditions, the T 810 truck is able to achieve 100% hill climbing capacity at total weight. With a ramp angle of 132 degrees or 138 degrees (according to wheelbase variations), a front and rear approach angle of 37 or 35 degrees respectively, and a step-crossing ability of 600 mm, it is clear that the T 810 is an absolute class leader. The T 810 can be optionally equipped with a tried-and-tested single-circuit or dual-circuit tire inflation system controlled by the driver.

CAS 30 Water Tender

Lowest overall vehicle height in its category, easy ground clearance control while driving, and fordability of 1,200 mm are just a few selected qualities that give this water tender excellent action capability for firefighting operations and natural disaster relief. This water tender is finalized by THT, s.r.o. Polička, a leading Central European specialist in firefighting vehicles. Using the most modern chassis of the classic TATRA concept, it is designed to transport large quantities of extinguishing agents and 1+3 firefighting crew.

With a modern fire superstructure featuring an aluminum profile frame and aluminum plating, the tanker can transport up to 9,000 l of water and 540 l of foam compound. It can operate at low water pressure (3,000 l/min at 1.0 MPa) or high water pressure (300 l/min at 4.0 MPa). Following in the footsteps of its widely acclaimed predecessors, the vehicle is based on the TATRA 815-731R32/411 chassis and powered by the original direct air-cooled V-8 TATRA engine offering maximum power of 325 kW/442 hp and complying with EURO 5 SCR emission specifications.

Semi-automatic Gear Shift System

This modern, unified gear-shifting system for all versions of TATRA vehicles with transmission unit TATRA enhances vehicle operation comfort and safety and reduces risk of damage due to incorrect gear shifting. The basis of the TATRA - NORGREN electronic gear shift system is a mechanically controlled ten- or fourteen-speed transmission unit TATRA 10 TS or TATRA 14 TS supplemented with position sensors. An electro-pneumatic system is installed in place of the original steering booster, transmission control mechanism, and gear shift lever.


A practical demonstration of new products exhibited in the TATRA’s exposition at Autotec 2010 will take place in the third and forth quarter of 2010. Within TATRA ROAD SHOW, new vehicles and services will be presented to end customers in different places not only in the Czech and Slovak Republics but also abroad. A series of demonstration events, during which our potential customers will be able to test drive our trucks in difficult off-road conditions, will be organized in cooperation with TATRA authorized dealers.

Kopřivnice, June 4, 2010

For more information, see www.tatra.cz