TATRA transmissions

There are several types of transmissions available, depending on the engine used

  • Optimized power transmission
  • Manual, automated and automatic transmissions
  • TATRA auxiliary transmission



TATRA T3-928

Cummins ISL/ISM


ZF EcoSplit, manual, 16- speed

ZF Traxon, automated, 16-speed

Allison 4500/4700, automatic, 6/7-speed





TATRA 14TS, manual, 14-speed,

TATRA-NORGREN, automated, 14-speed,

Allison 4500, automatic, 6-speed

TATRA 14TS, manual, 14-speed,

TATRA-NORGREN, automated, 14-speed,

Allison 3200 / 4500 / 4700, automatic, 6/7-speed



TATRA 14TS, manual, 14-speed,

TATRA-NORGREN, automated, 14-speed,

Allison 4500, automatic, 6-speed





Allison 3200, automatic, 6-speed

Based on a mechanical, manually operated TATRA gearbox. Mounted directly on the auxiliary transmission casing, forms an integrated chassis part. The TATRA transmission assemblies are available in two basic versions - a fourteen-speed (14TS) and a ten-speed (10TS) - in combination with two-speed auxiliary transmissions (one-speed in some applications). Both basic transmissions differ in the range and gradation of the individual gears.

To improve driver’s comfort and increase the gear shifting, the TATRA-NORGREN automated gearbox can be used, featuring the electro-pneumatic gear shift system.  A driver preselects a gear using a controller and the actual shifting occurs once the clutch pedal is depressed. The front transmission cover allows mounting of the PTOs.

The TATRA auxiliary transmissions are used to transfer torque to the powertrain located in the central tube. There are one- and two-speed auxiliary transmission, the second type allows you to optimize engine operating speed when driving on the road or paved roads and on the move or working in difficult terrain. The two-speed transmission is shiftable at standstill. The TATRA auxiliary transmissions combine well with other main transmissions - ZF and Allison and, depending on the transmission type, the gear ratios are configured in the auxiliary transmission (drop box).

ZF transmission

The manual ZF gearboxes are represented by the EcoSplit range - solely 16-speed ones for the TATRA PHOENIX vehicle range. For those who prefer the ease of vehicle control, 16-speed Astronic automated transmission is available, which is suitable for all operations where drivers alter behind the steering wheel. It helps to reduce fuel consumption and protects the clutch and the engine itself from damage due to drivers’ faults. A retarder can be integrated into the ZF gearboxes to enhance the braking effect.

The EcoLite range represents a separate category of ZF transmissions, whose 6-speed transmission is used for light off-road TATRA TACTIC (T810) range. This transmission uses the two-speed ZF Steyr VG750 auxiliary transmission to distribute the driving power.

Allison transmissions

The automatic transmissions are six- or seven-speed automatic transmissions of compact in-building in one casing with a hydrodynamic torque converter mounted directly on the engine. The use of fully automatic transmissions means a continuous power transmission to the wheels for the vehicle, which then features permanent traction and its operation on the ground is safer and more comfortable.