Service School

Our mission is training and education for servicing.
We are ready to offer any and all available information for servicing and maintaining our products to contractual partners and TATRA vehicle users and to prepare personnel to a professional level.

We know it is important to maintain this level as well as improve it alongside the development of new technological methods and trends in the automotive industry, and thus participate in the professional growth of employees, technicians and service workers.   
The current development of automotive technologies indicates a need for education and the costs associated with it. The professional training we can offer can partly cover such needs at lower cost.
We offer professional preparation of service workers with the goal of familiarizing them with the operation, maintenance, repair and design of TATRA vehicles.

We also provide training courses for foreign workers at the Service School or upon agreement directly on site where the TATRA vehicles are operated.


We provide consultancy for the operation, maintenance and repair of trucks of all ranges, including special military vehicles.

Training on site at the customer

All kinds of training courses can be provided at your company upon agreement.


Training courses for foreign participants are conducted via an interpreter who can be reserved upon agreement.


We can provide comfortable accommodation for participants in all kinds of training courses at a cost from CZK 350 per day to CZK 1200 per day.

Costs of the training

The price of the training includes lessons and refreshment. Participants pay the costs of the training according to the organisational information and conditions for participation. Other costs for accommodation, additional meals, transport, health services, insurance and interpreting are paid by the sending company or the participant.


The spatial layout and equipment in the classrooms meet all requirements for high training levels:

3 theory classrooms – equipped with audio-visual technologies enabling modern teaching methods.

8 practical classrooms – equipped with individual components of a TATRA vehicle,
service tools, special measuring technologies and diagnostics necessary for servicing vehicles.

TATRA truck demonstration hall – serves for familiarisation with the vehicle and regular maintenance.

Types and programmes of individual training courses

Training courses are intended for all TATRA vehicle types, including military ones.

Basic 10-day course
This is intended for workers who are new to the field of truck consultancy or who only have little experience. These workers will acquire general knowledge of TATRA vehicles, combined with practical demonstrations of the assembly and disassembly of individual components, and diagnostics in servicing.

Basic 5-day course
This is intended for updating and improving professional qualifications for general repairs. The course is intended for experienced service workers who have worked in the TATRA service network for a long time.

Specialized 5-day course
This type of course is especially intended for workers who need higher professional qualifications and who should be able to independently develop procedures when searching for faults in individual components, electrical installations and air systems. The goal of the course is to find the causes for faults and correctly repair them. Workers are also familiarized with changes and technical instructions.

Specialized 1-day course
This type of course is intended for detailed familiarisation with and finding the causes of faults in individual key parts of the vehicle.

We can also provide courses according to your specific requirements for individual components and specific types in the civilian and military ranges. The duration of the course can be adjusted depending on the depth and scope of the subject matter.

To learn more about the programme of a course, please click on the Identification Code.

Topics and programmes of courses Identification Code
10-day basic – familiarisation with the whole vehicle for new partners 10ZS
5-day basic – familiarisation with the whole vehicle for current partners
5-day special – engines 5SM
5-day – electrical installations 5SE
5-day special – air-pressure system and brakes 5SB
1-day special - ABS (Bosch, Wabco) 1SA
1-day special - heating systems (Eberpächer, Webasto, Ateso) 1ST
1-day special - programming the MT30 control unit 1PRJ
1-day special - DIAVIA heating and air-conditioning units 1TKJ
1-day special - selective catalytic reduction 1SCR
1-day special - TATRA-NORGREN electronic transmission 1ETC
1-day - emissions 1EM

We can also provide courses according to your specific requirements for individual components and specific types in the civilian or military ranges. The duration of the course can be adjusted depending on the depth and scope of the subject matter.

One day of training includes 7 lessons from 8:00am to 2:30pm, including an hour break for lunch.


Stanislav Čulák
CTD & Training Dept. Manager
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mob.: +420 724 132 585

Petra Hejčová
Technician - technical documentation
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