A demo vehicle for foresters

27 March, 2011

TATRA, a.s. works hard to meet the requirements of its customers and prospective customers in every aspect. Entrepreneurs operating in the forestry sector have now an excellent opportunity to rent "DEMO VEHICLES".

TATRA always offers the best solution under any circumstances and so the TATRA 815-231R25/370 demo vehicle with forestry superstructure and an Umikov semi-trailer with a HIAB hydraulic arm is equipped with the TATRA-Norgren semi-automatic transmission system, air-conditioning, independent heating, central locking, electric windows and “balloon” wheels on the front axle.

How does it work?

The vehicle can be rented, as standard, to be operated for three business days (Tuesday through Thursday). If you are interested in renting the vehicle, please contact your TATRA dealer. The sales representative will take care of everything, will bring the vehicle to your company and will show you how to operate it. After the end of the rental period we will collect the vehicle and ensure its return to TATRA, a. s.