Championship title!

21 November, 2016

TATRA is the only truck maker in the world that can boast of championship titles in Europe and China. The first one it got fifteen years ago, and the second one this year.

David Vršecký and the China Buggyra Racing team won the title Master of China 2016 with the TATRA PHOENIX circuit special in truck circuit races. During this year’s racing season David Vršecký, two-time Master of Europe in truck racing on FIA circuits and the holder of multiple speed and endurance world records, defeated all the competition behind the wheel of a TATRA race truck. He won all the announced races even though, according to the rules, he started with a handicap in the form of higher starting positions in some of them. He has thus won for us a rather exotic title and earned himself and our brand the honor of the Middle Kingdom.

Circuit truck racing enjoys enormous popularity in China. The number of television viewers is in the tens of millions, and spectator attendance at individual circuits is also more than gratifying.

Thanks to his enormous efforts and one hundred percent success rate, David Vršecký has built up an excellent name and fan base for himself just in his first year participating in the Chinese truck racing circuit championships. Vršecký and TATRA, those are two names that resonate this year in Chinese motorsports.

The title of European champion 2001 in the category Super Race Truck B with Stanislav Matějovský and Chinese champion 2016 with David Vršecký adorn the history of the oldest Czech and likewise Central European automaker TATRA, which next year will celebrate the 120th anniversary of manufacturing the first car with a combustion engine.