Companies of the CSG group and Tatra Trucks will exhibit at the World Defense Show 2024

29 January, 2024

The World Defense Show 2024, an exhibition of security and defense technologies, will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from February 4 to 8. Although it is only in its second edition, the World Defense Show (WDS) has already managed to rank among the most important events in the field worldwide, and at the same time it opens exhibition season. In Riyadh, none of the world leaders of the defense industry will be absent, and companies belonging to the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) will be among the exhibitors.

Saudi Arabia and the region of the Middle East are important markets for military and defense technologies, and interesting customers for the companies of the industrial-technological group CSG are based there. That is why the companies already exhibited at the first edition of WDS as part of the joint national stand of the Czech Republic. This year, they will be presented at a CSG group stand next to the Czech national stand, namely Tatra Trucks, Excalibur Army, MSM Group, Retia, as well as Excalibur International and Fiocchi. The joint CSG stand will be the largest of the Czech participation.

Tatra Trucks, as the most important Czech truck manufacturer, will introduce vehicles and applications for military purposes to visitors and potential customers through Tatra Export company. These will be trucks of the Tatra Force, Tatra Tactic and Tatra Phoenix model lines, which serve in many armed forces around the world, including the Middle East, and are produced in various versions. They are used as logistics vehicles or as carriers of special superstructures or weapon systems. In cooperation with Tatra Trucks, a production plant was even built in Saudi Arabia in recent years, which produces Tatra vehicles for the local army and market. Tatra trucks are also newly assembled in the United Arab Emirates, also for military use and civilian applications.

The Middle East and Asia are also the domain of Excalibur Army, whose products have already found their customers in these territories as well. For example, Excalibur Army have already delivered Patriot 4x4 and Treva-30 vehicles to the United Arab Emirates. The company will present these vehicles at WDS 20224 as well and also present the latest Morana 155 mm or the DITA 155 mm artillery systems, both on Tatra chassis. Potential customers will also be able to familiarize themselves with the RM-70 Vampire or BM-21 MT Striga 122 mm artillery rocket launchers as well as special engineering vehicles such as the AM-70EX and AM-50EX bridge vehicles or the DECON decontamination vehicle, also on Tatra chassis.

The MSM Group, which including several ammunition manufacturers, will show the entire range of modern large-caliber ammunition, including training ammunition, produced by VOP Nováky, ZVS and Fábrica de Municiones de Granada. Visitors to the CSG stand will be able to familiarize themselves with 155 mm NATO standard artillery ammunition suitable for self-propelled howitzers. Furthermore, there will be 120 mm caliber tank ammunition as well as 105 mm caliber ammunition, which is intended both for artillery and for use in armored vehicles, including tanks. There will also be a display of ammunition components such as fuzes, initiators, etc.

Another exhibitor at the CSG stand will be Retia company, which will present one of its main products – the ReGuard 3D radar with the ability to locate and track not only air targets including UAVs, but also ground targets. It is a compact device that is suitable for use in air defense systems, especially for protection against drones and low-flying targets. Retia will also exhibit the unique radar device ReTwis 5+, the technology of which has been developing for many years. ReTwis is able to detect live objects and people behind non-metallic obstacles, a feature that is especially appreciated by security forces. Retia managed to succeed with this product in several important markets, such as the USA.

As part of the CSG stand, the Italian company Fiocchi will present a diverse portfolio of small calibre and shotgun ammunition. Fiocchi is one of the largest manufacturers of these products for sports, hunting, defense and security forces in the world. The company became part of the CSG group at the end of 2022. The Excalibur International company will also bring its services and projects closer to visitors through 3D visualization at the stand of CSG companies. It acts as an integrator of complex strategic projects of CSG group companies and also represents them commercially in a number of regions around the world. Excalibur International focuses primarily on large international projects, the delivery of complex turnkey solutions, the provision of logistics and the financing of projects in the field of defense and civil industry.

The World Defense Show is organized by the General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI), which is the regulator, trustee and licensor for the military industry sector in Saudi Arabia. The show will take place with the support of the Ministry of the Interior, the National Guard and the security forces and services of Saudi Arabia.