Disc brakes on TATRA vehicles

15 November, 2016

One of the major technical innovations this year is the possibility to equip the selected vehicles of TERRN01, PHOENIX and FORCE model lines with disc brakes.

With the advent of mass production of the TATRA PHOENIX vehicles in 2011, the consistent development of disc brake application in the main production program started as well. Since the very beginning, the KNORR disc brake system has been tried and tested on the TERRN01, PHOENIX and FORCE vehicles, exclusively in the all-wheel configuration of 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 axle chassis type, including steerable rear axles.

The long-term development obviously covered the disc brakes within the design of the special TATRA racing trucks, and their subsequent testing in the toughest races around the world, including the famous Dakar Rally.

The disc brakes, whose successful installation required substantial design changes to the wheel parts, can be assembled from this year on all types of TATRA axles. Steering - Front, rear, driving with a single- or dual tires. The design and technological chassis unification currently allows fitting with axles equipped with either disc or drum brakes. With ongoing brake innovations the steering system has also experienced comprehensive modifications, e.g. a different wheel alignment.

The system with disc brakes has successfully undergone a number of tests and examinations, which greatly exceeded the demands on its standard use in heavy TATRA trucks operated within the mixed traffic. It meets all necessary legislative measures with a great reserve. Not only does it fully comply with relevant ECE standard no. 13, but compared to the drum brake system it has a large braking power margin. It founds its application not only in special rescue trucks for which they have become a standard solution since 2017 due to the requirement to increase the braking force at high speeds. Based on the customer requirements and vehicle operation nature, the TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 vehicles are also equipped with the disc brakes. Unlike the special rescue trucks, the commercial vehicles need higher braking power due to the instantaneous vehicle weight. The disc brakes can be installed only in vehicles with the air-suspended front axle(s) and the combined KING FRAME suspension system on the rear axles.

The introduction of disc brakes in the design of heavy TATRA trucks is as important as the very existence of the so-called "Tatra design concept", direct air-cooled engines of the proprietary design, combined KING FRAME suspension or pneumatic front axle suspension.

It is a full-fledged development of the original truck concept, as invented and drawn by Hans Ledwinka more than ninety years ago. Likewise, it is also a proof of the high rate of viability of the Tatra design schools and soundness, expertise, capabilities and responsibility of the work of our designers, engineers, technicians and workers.