New TATRA FORCE for the Pyrotechnic Services of the Czech Police

20 January, 2016

The Police Bomb Squad have received a new TATRA FORCE 8x8 vehicle from the Chief of Police, Brig. Gen. Tomas Tuhy. The new vehicle will be used to transport hazardous material under ADR. The vehicle was handed over on the premises of the munition depots in Vrbetice.

TATRA FORCE 8x8 is built on an all-wheel drive Tatra chassis with independent swinging and air-suspended half-axles. The chassis transfers only a minimum of vibration to the cab and cargo space, so the choice of the pyrotechnic services was clear.

The vehicle drive train comprises a 325-kW air-cooled Tatra engine, automatic TATRA-NORGREN transmission and two-speed auxiliary transmission. The 4-seat vehicle cab has additional armor, which can be dismantled for standard operation.

Hazardous materials are transported in a special container, fitted onto the vehicle with Multilift hook loaders supplied by Contsystem. The vehicle is also equipped with a hydraulic arm that can help the crew handle heavy objects and load hazardous substances or objects, and autonomously ensures the loading and unloading of the container.

Czech Fire Rescue Service units have also been equipped with similar special trucks, only without ballistic protection, and serve as universal logistic and evacuation vehicles.