Special TATRA trucks – Part 2: The flagship for Norway

20 October, 2014

In summer this year, a special truck TATRA PHOENIX 8x8 was built in collaboration with the Customer Center and Technical Department of TATRA TRUCKS a.s. for a Norwegian customer who has already been successfully operating several vehicles of standard version.

A special truck in black is based on the standard design of TATRA PHOENIX T158-8P5R46, i.e. for the total weight of 50 tons with axles with hub reduction gears and wheelbase of 2,150 + 2,560 + 1,450 mm, and it comes equipped with Paccar MX-13 engine with an output of 375 kW/2500 Nm. Unlike the standard design the vehicle is fitted with a seven-speed automatic Allison transmission with integrated retarder. The transmission is followed by a two-speed TATRA auxiliary transmission with standard gear ratios for Allison gearboxes.

The rear axle suspension is in the heaviest combined design (air bellows with leaf springs), i.e. for the load 2x16 tons. Above-average approach angle and ride height values are given due to a combination of 16.00 R20 tires on the front steerable axles and 24 R21 single tires on the rear axles. These tires are known from the previous versions of SKT vehicles, in the variant called "Masha". The go-anywhere ability through a soft terrain is further supported by tire inflation from the driver’s seat, in the called dual-circuit design that allows independent control of the tire pressure in both front and rear axles.

The black beauty is in accordance with Norwegian practice is equipped with a sleeper cab with maximum equipment, including, besides usual features such as air-conditioning and the like, also the auxiliary headlamps above and below the windshield, protective grille lights and "elytras" on the rear wall. The vehicle is also prepared for mounting the front snow plough, as well as standard TATAR PHOENIX vehicles intended for winter maintenance. Simply said, items in the "on demand" category are in this case used almost completely.

The vehicle is fitted with one-sided tipper body with hydraulically operated tailgate produced by VS-Mont, having also contributed to this vehicle’s premiere at the recently ended IAA in Hanover. Currently the vehicle undergoes basic functional tests, and within a few weeks it will be shipped to the customer.