8 June, 2015

The International Exhibition for Rescue, Fire Prevention, Disaster Relief, Safety and Security will be held from June 8 to 13 in Hannover, Germany.  TATRA TRUCKS will participate in collaboration with THT Polička, a major manufacturer of fire fighting superstructures on TATRA vehicles. Our stand No. A15 can be found in Hall 24.

At the fair we will introduce the TATRA FORCE vehicle in 6x6 version, with the CAS 30 fire tanker, supplied by THT Polička, a traditional manufacturer of firefighting superstructures for the TATRA chassis. The vehicle with the type designation T815-731R32.6x6 is based on a unique concept of Tatra chassis with powertrain consisting of a 12.7-litre, air-cooled, 8-cylinder TATRA engine with a power output of 325 kW at 1,800 rpm and the automatic TATRA-Norgren transmission. The fire superstructure is made up of tanks with a capacity of 9,000 liters of water and 540 liters of a foam extinguisher and a lot of storage space for firefighting equipment, incl. the pump of flow rate 3,000 l/min in the low-pressure mode or 300 l/min in the high-pressure mode. The vehicle is designed primarily for missions off-road - in the forest and difficult to reach terrain. Thanks to its low overall height, it can also be applied in urban and built-up areas where the extinguishing equipment must cope with a number of obstacles in the form of various underpasses or passages.  Thanks to the chassis air suspension that provides the crew with comfort and the vehicle with greater speed even in rough terrain, the overall height can be changed further - reduced by 120 mm or, if necessary, on the contrary increased (ride height increase) by 90 mm.  These vehicles are very popular among the Czech and Slovak units, which obtained over 260 vehicles in recent two years.

The second exhibit will be a TATRA TERRA model series vehicle with the type designation T815-231R55.4x4 with a crew cab for the team of 2+4. Again, the vehicle is based on a Tatra chassis equipped with an 8-cylinder, air-cooled TATRA engine with the power output of 325 KW and TATRA-Norgren transmission.  The fire superstructure comprises a 4,000-litre water tank and a 240-litre foam compound tank, and also features a number of storage areas that are accessible, as in the previous vehicle, from the ground without tilting stairs.  Also this model enjoys great favor of the Czech and Slovak firefighters.

Both vehicles are equipped with the Euro 5 engines based on the exceptions that apply to the fire brigades in the European countries. We believe that the interest comes from Germany and Austria where the TATRA brand is still well known. We have verified this during the presentation in Bad Kleinkirchheim in Austria where we tested TATRA watertenders in hard Alpine conditions.

It will be our great honor if you visit our joint stand of THT Polička and TATRA TRUCKS at the INTERSCHUTZ Fair on June 8 to 13.