Tatra Trucks company presented the new generation of the Phoenix model series

6 June, 2024

In the early evening of Wednesday, June 5, the oldest Czech vehicle manufacturer unveiled the newest generation of the Tatra Phoenix model line as part of a celebratory event. This happened in the presence of a number of important guests, representatives of the company as well as its shareholders and the media. The Tatra Phoenix series belongs to the pillars of the company's production portfolio and is primarily intended for the civilian market but is also used by rescuers and firefighters or in defence sphere. Serial production will begin this summer, so, the customers will get the first examples of new vehicles in the fall of this year.

On May 5, the Tatra testing area witnessed the unveiling of the new generation of the Tatra Phoenix model line. The importance of the event and the festive atmosphere were underlined by the participation of the governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region, Josef Bělica, and the mayor of Kopřivnice, Adam Hanus. Of course, representatives of the Tatra Trucks company led by CEO Lukáš Andrýsek and representatives of its shareholders from Czechoslovak Group and Promet Group could not be absent either. The entire event was accompanied by a live broadcast of the presentation of new trucks on the YouTube platform and an extensive entertaining accompanying afternoon and evening program connected with concerts by musical bands and various performances and shows.

The development of all-new generation of the Tatra Phoenix model line has been ongoing since 2022, while similar to previous generations, this new product will combine the skill and ingenuity of Tatra designers, the proven chassis of the Tatra concept, cabins and engines from the production of long-time Dutch partner DAF Trucks and ZF gearboxes or Allison. “We built the new Tatra Phoenix in such a way that it lives up to the reputation associated with the Tatra brand and fulfills the motto Tatra takes you further. Like its predecessors, it will serve its users reliably for many years, always transporting cargo or equipment where it needs to go, under any conditions. It will do it economically efficiently and at the same time safely, while offering a high level of comfort and ergonomics of operation, and it will also have at its disposal a modern service support system and facilities of our company,” said Lukáš Andrýsek, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Tatra Trucks.

A new cabin with a high level of safety, ergonomics and comfort

The new Tatra Phoenix uses the DAF XDC cab (Construction series), which was developed regarding maximum safety, durability and comfort, it provides a better view and overview around the truck and is aerodynamically optimized for the lowest possible fuel consumption. The exterior lighting features LED technology, a range of modern comfort equipment, a wide selection of accessories and design elements will optionally be available. “The cabin will be available both in a short (day) version and in an extended (sleeper) version, but also in a sleeper version with a raised roof with one or two beds. The driver will have a modern digital dashboard with improved ergonomics and simplified controls. The cabin will also have newly designed anatomical air-suspended seats providing safe and healthy seating,” explained Radomír Smolka, member of the board of directors of Tatra Trucks responsible for development and research, who created the design and construction of the new generation of Tatra Phoenix trucks with his team.

Chassis of the proven Tatra concept and improved economical engines

The new generation of the Tatra Phoenix model series retains the chassis of the Tatra concept with a central backbone tube in which the drive shafts and differentials are stored. The chassis has traditionally been characterized exclusively by independently air-suspended swinging half-axles, which is a world unique in the segment of heavy all-wheel drive trucks. The basic chassis configurations offered for new generation vehicles are 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 8x6, while a four-axle version is also available in a 1+3 configuration (i.e. with three rear axles). However, multi-axle designs with an optional number of steerable and driven rear axles will also be a matter of course, according to user requirements.

The chassis of the Tatra concept carries a number of advantages, explained Petr Buršík, executive director and deputy chairman of the board of Tatra Trucks: “This is primarily a significant reduction in vibrations compared to vehicles with rigid axles, which means high driving comfort for the driver, lower risk of damage to the superstructure and higher speed in the terrain. An added value is also high driving stability when driving through bends or evasive manoeuvres – i.e. properties that are particularly useful when driving on roads or in combined traffic (road and heavy terrain). Thanks to the combination of a central backbone tube and a welded subframe, the chassis facilitates the assembly of various superstructures without the necessary compensating elements and in most cases even without an intermediate frame – the vehicles thus have a low centre of gravity and a higher payload.”

The Tatra chassis concept also guarantees a long service life of the vehicle, which does not suffer from torsional and bending stress even when operating in the most difficult terrain. The fact that the central backbone tube additionally protects the shafts of the drive train from damage and the influence of environmental conditions is a guarantee of the reliability of the drive system, minimal maintenance requirements and low service costs.

The new generation of Tatra Phoenix trucks is equipped with innovative Paccar engines of the MX-11 and MX-13 series, which use the most modern technologies and design elements. MX-11 engines will be available in power versions of 300 and 330 kW, engines MX-13 then in versions with an output of 315, 355 or 390 kW. ZF TraXon automated transmissions will be available as standard, with the option of installing Allison fully automatic transmissions available as an option. An integral part of the drive system are also additional (downward) Tatra gearboxes with the possibility to choose the most optimal and efficient variant for operation according to the needs of users. The new Tatra Phoenix trucks will no longer be offered with a manual transmission.

Modern assistance systems for safety and comfort

The new generation Tatra Phoenix also brings innovations in the field of electronic and assistance systems, which are becoming a common standard in trucks and utility vehicles. “It will offer, for example, an automatic windshield wiper control system, an automatic external lighting switching system or a Corner View system that eliminates blind spots on the driver's and passenger's side, which further improves safety when driving on the road or off-road. The equipment will also be available with a system for detecting obstacles in front of the vehicle or an optional Digital Vision system, which is a digital camera system replacing the main and wide-angle mirrors, which consists of cameras located on the arms, which are installed on top of the sides of the cabin. The image from the cameras is transmitted to the displays located on the A-pillars in the interior,” added Radomír Smolka. There will also be a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) or a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which monitors the actual tire pressure and temperature on all wheels.