Tatra Trucks in the 2016 Silk Way Rally

10 July, 2016

As the only Czech team in the race, Bonver Dakar Project is participating in the challenging long-distance 2016 Silk Way Rally, which began in Moscow’s Red Square with a presentation of the racing teams on the podium. Drivers Tomas Vratny and Artur Ardavicus are entering the race with TATRA JAMAL vehicles.

The drivers and the racing and accompanying vehicles will cover more than 10,000 km in a challenging race running from Russia through Kazakhstan to China. The Bonver Dakar Project racing team deploys two crews - Tomas Vratny, Jaroslav Miskolci and Jaromir Martinec and Artur Ardavicus, Serge Bruynkens and Filip Skrobanek.

Two TATRA JAMAL vehicles with 920 hp Renault DXi 13 engines, 16-speed manual ZF transmissions and single-speed TATRA auxiliary transmissions will be available to them. All this on the classic Tatra chassis with air suspended swinging half-axles.

TATRA PHOENIX 6x6 and TATRA PHOENIX 8x8 with Paccar MX 13 engines in the Euro 5 version, 16-speed manual ZF transmissions and two-speed TATRA auxiliary transmissions will serve as escort vehicles to the special racing trucks.

The series production of the TATRA JAMAL model was terminated in 2014 in connection with the company restructuring after a change in the ownership structure.