TATRA trucks will be shown at the IDEX 2021

19 February, 2021

Despite the persistence of the global coronavirus pandemic, IDEX 2021, one of the world's largest traditional defence technology and technology fairs, will take place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from February 21 to 25. Traditionally, the TATRA TRUCKS will not be missing among the exhibitors.

At the IDEX 2021, TATRA TRUCKS will present a logistics vehicle 8x8 and a special military chassis 4x4. In the first case, it will be a TATRA FORCE 8x8 heavy logistics truck, which is equipped with a short, armoured cabin produced by Tatra Defense Vehicle company. Vehicle is built on a unique TATRA chassis with a central backbone tube and swinging independently suspended half-axles. The first two axles are steerable, and all wheels are equipped with a central tyre inflation system (CTIS).

The total maximum weight of the truck is 38 tons, its capacity is almost 20 tons of cargo and it is equipped with a hydraulic crane with a capacity of almost 6 tons. Up to 8 NATO standard pallets or folding benches for 24 soldiers can be placed on the loading area. The truck is powered by a six-cylinder Cummins engine with an output of 325 kW, which is combined with a fully automatic six-speed Allison 4500 series transmission. The vehicle is designed for operation in the most demanding terrain and in various climatic conditions.

The second exhibit will be a special chassis of the TATRA FORCE model series in the 4x4 design with the engine located in front of the front axle. It is a TATRA 4x4 chassis platform with a central backbone tube and swinging independently suspended half-axles designed as a base for various armoured vehicles.

The three-dimensional space solid frame created by connection of backbone tube and welded ladder frame is exceptionally rigid against torsion and bending. This unit, together with the independently suspended half-axles, gives the vehicle exceptional resistance to shocks and vibrations, protects the superstructures against torsion and stress, and enables fast driving even in off-road conditions.

In addition, the backbone tube also protects driveline shafts from transfer case to the wheels and differentials that are placed inside, against dust, moisture, and outer mechanical damages (service-free design without cardan shaft torque distribution). The maximum weight of a vehicle with this chassis can be up to 19 tons, with 10 tons per load. The Cummins engine with an output of 242 kW is installed on the chassis and it cooperates with a fully automatic Allison 3200 series gearbox. The maximum speed of the chassis is 115 km / h.