Company profile

Profil společnosti TATRA

  • Long tradition since 1850
  • Reliable vehicles for the toughest terrain
  • 6x winner of the legendary Dakar Rally

The Koprivnice automotive maker, known under the TATRA brand, ranks among the oldest car and truck factories in the world and, with our more than 170-year continuous activity we have significantly influenced the automotive industry in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad. Since March 2013, the company TATRA TRUCKS owned by Czech shareholders and underwent restructuring.

TATRA TRUCKS a.s. closely works with the Group companies CSG CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP and PROMET GROUP. CSG's share is 65 percent and Promet Group's share is 35 percent.

TATRA TRUCKS a.s. has a subsidiary - TATRA METALURGIE a.s.. The main production program covers heavy-duty off-road vehicles and trucks for combined on/off road transport, which are constantly improved to meet increasing customer requirements. A high level of human potential represents a significant advantage of TATRA TRUCKS a.s., not only in R&D but also in terms of the production capacity.

TATRA-branded trucks are based primarily on the Tatra design concept, which has so far not been successfully imitated by anyone. Heavy trucks from Koprivnice are famous for their go-anywhere ability in most difficult terrains under extreme weather conditions, high reliability and excellent utility properties.  TATRA resists both to frosty weather and abnormally high desert temperatures.

Today's range of TATRA vehicles

The current truck range comes up to meet the customer requirements. The civilian production is represented by TATRA PHOENIX, while the special and military production is represented by TATRA FORCE and TATRA TACTIC commercial ranges, the firefighting segment is represented by the TATRA TERRA.

The company’s important business territories traditionally include Europe, Asia and Australia. The domestic market (Czech Republic, Slovakia) is dominated by the customers such as the Czech Army, Fire Brigade, Armed Forces of the SR, and the commercial customers are e.g. Lesy Slovenské republiky (Forests of the Slovak Republic).

The excellent driving characteristics and numerous technical and design innovations of TATRA vehicles have been verified through long-distance races over many years. TATRA crews have achieved the greatest successes in the famous Dakar Rally.