Subsidiary of TATRA TRUCKS a.s.

Dceřinné společnosti TATRA

A subsidiary of TATRA TRUCKS, TATRA METALURGIE supplies their parent company with certain products or services. In the past they formed part of TATRA TRUCKS, but now they are an independent company with a wide range of their own customers.


is a leading Czech manufacturer of castings and forgings, which are supplied for engineering applications in many European countries.

The company´s business activities follow their long-term business relationships with the customers of the foundry (Tafonco a.s.) and the forge (Taforge a.s.) in order to strengthen and develop them further.

Castings and forgings are designed for the automotive industry, railway industry, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, construction machinery and material handling equipment. They are also used in the field of general engineering and specialty applications.

The commercial foundry collaborates on a long-term basis with companies operating in the automotive, construction and engineering industries, including deliveries for agricultural technologies, tractors and fork-lifts:

  • castings made of grey and ductile cast iron, steel and aluminium alloys with weights from 0.1 kg up to 3,500 kg,
  • wooden, metal, resin and polystyrene models of all kinds,
  • comprehensive services, e.g. painting, heat treatment and machining of castings.

The commercial forging company provides the services of die forging to customers requiring forgings of various weights and complexity. The company also delivers to international markets and their services include:

  • cutting of metallurgical semi-products,
  • metal heat treatment,
  • steel-grit blasting and sulphuric acid pickling,
  • cold sizing,
  • straightening on hydraulic presses,
  • design of forgings and pressings,
  • forming process modelling,
  • design and production of forging tools,
  • commercial activities.

TATRA METALURGIE was established as a corporation resulting from the merger of Tafonco a.s. and Taforge a.s. in 2016. It is a direct successor of both companies and therefore the successor of a long tradition of casting and forging production in Kopřivnice, which from the outset has been connected with the production of vehicles - first carriages and railway carriages up to the production of cars and trucks.

The historic roots of these production segments date back to the mid-19th century when Ignac Sustala began to produce carriages and buggies in Kopřivnice (former Nesselsdorf), and laid the foundation for the later establishment of TATRA car maker, the third oldest in the world and the oldest in Central Europe.

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