Regular maintenance and servicing

Operating efficiency and vehicle reliability does not only depend on good design proven through demanding tests and long-term experience in vehicle operation in difficult environments, but also on correct and regular maintenance.

The regular maintenance of a TATRA vehicle extends its trouble-free operation and improves its economy in the demanding working environments where TATRA trucks are operated. Quality and timely maintenance significantly affect the reliability of vehicles.

What does such maintenance mean? First of all, it is performed by trained personnel in a professionally equipped workshop (special tools, fixtures and aids) and at regular time intervals specified in the Service Book.

TATRA, a.s. places high demands on contractual servicing centres, especially as regards the evaluation of their systems, equipment, use of diagnostics and special tools, regular training for the personnel of individual servicing centres at the parent company or on site and the operation of TATRA vehicles. Our high demands are your guarantee of the high level of quality of the performed activities.

Why is regular maintenance a must?

  • to improve the lifespan and reliability of components and thus the whole vehicle
  • as prevention against the occurrence of faults

Truck service – servicing workshop

Thanks to its parameters, equipment and conceptual solution, the Customer Centre servicing workshop offers customers complete guarantee and post-guarantee TATRA truck servicing.
Modern diagnostic and tuning machinery, a wide range of special fixtures and, in particular, personnel with high levels of expertise and knowledge of TATRA vehicles, will ensure maintenance and repairs for your vehicle at the highest level.

Close cooperation with all the technical departments at the TATRA TRUCKS a.s. factory provides them with an obvious competitive advantage when performing repairs and resolving difficult technical issues. Your TATRA truck will not be taken care of better anywhere else.

We carry out:

  • guarantee and post-guarantee vehicle servicing,
  • technical treatment – guarantee inspections,
  • overhauls of vehicles and components,
  • general overhauls of vehicles and components (engine, transmission, axles),
  • vehicle reconstruction according to customer requirements
  • preparation for and implementation of emission measurement and statutory technical inspections (STK) on vehicles,
  • repairs of the Eberspächer heating system,
  • repairs and adjustment of injection pumps of all types,
  • complete repairs of the braking system, ABS and ventilation system,
  • repairs of the AdBlue injection system for Euro 4 and 5 vehicles,
  • repairs of air-conditioning and heating systems.

We can provide for our customers:

  • exceptional mechanist training,
  • towing away a broken-down vehicle to a servicing centre,
  • a waiting room for our customers with internet access,
  • TATRA vehicles spare parts for sale,
  • TATRA promotional articles for sale.

The standard working hours of the servicing workshop are:

Business days from 7:00am to 4:00pm, weekends if needed and upon agreement with the customer.

Emergency service 24 h – mobile phone: +420 725 888 338